Bull Run Reading Comprehension Worksheets

This guide contains over 113 pages of reading comprehension worksheets for Bull Run Reading Comprehension Worksheets.

The Bull Run reading comprehension guide contains over 100 pages of worksheets including several vocabulary and reading comprehension questions for each chapter. It contains ready-to-go printable student guides, answer keys, and more. There are two styles of worksheets for every chapter with several vocabulary and comprehension questions. The “workbook⌄” style contains blanks for student answers and the “guide⌄” style is more compact without blanks. Additional blank multi-use worksheets are provided along with identical answer keys. The Key Questions worksheet provides 10 questions for the entire book along with an answer key.

See sample pages from each section at the bottom of this page.


About the book

Bull Run is an award winning historical civil-war novel by Paul Fleischman based on the monologues of sixteen fictional characters, and one real character (Union Commander General Irvin McDowell is an actual historical figure). Black, white, female, and male characters from the North and the South are represented. Each describes their personal experiences in the First Battle of Bull Run of the American Civil war. Many issues are covered including race, gender, economics and social issues. Due to the structure of the book readers are able to experience the battle from multiple perspectives. Bull Run won the 2012 Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction and was named a Best Book by the School Library Journal.

“A Civil War drama told in sixteen voices, this is a heartbreaking and remarkably vivid portrait of a war that remains our nation’s bloodiest conflict…. Fleischman’s artistry is nothing short of astounding.” – Publishers Weekly

“Outstanding… unforgettable as historical fiction… an important book for every library.” – School Library Journal

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Section 1 - Teacher's GuideSection 2 - Student's GuideSection 3 - Student WorkbookSection 4 - Student Workbook Answer KeySection 5 - Key Questions WorksheetSection 6 - Key Questions Answer KeySection 7 - Blank Multi-use Worksheets
Several vocabulary words, and reading comprehension questions for each chapter. (Some guides include prediction questions.) Vocabulary words include page numbers and EDL grade level. Answers are included in the teacher guide.
Unlike the workbook, the “guide” doesn’t contain blank spaces for the student’s to write in the answers, but it contains all of the same content. We provide this additional version for flexibility as some teachers may not want blank spaces. Some teachers use these worksheets in conjunction with the blank multi-use worksheets also provided. This student’s guide matches the teacher’s guide.
The same comprehension, and vocabulary questions contained in the guide followed by blanks for students to provide answers. Comprehension and vocabulary questions include the page numbers where the answers can be located.

To make things easier we layed out the answers to match the student workbook exactly.


A brief worksheet providing ten questions covering key elements of the story with blanks provided for a student’s answers.


You guessed it, the answer key for the Key Questions worksheet. Answers are layed out exactly as they are in the key questions worksheet for easy grading.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets Divergent Key Questions Sample Page

Vocabulary worksheet with 10 blanks for definitions. Comprehension worksheet with 5 blanks for answers. Combined vocabulary and comprehension worksheet
Designed to be used with the vocabulary and comprehension questions in the student guide.

Comprehension Worksheet Sample Page
Vocabulary Worksheet Sampel Page
Vocabulary and Comprehension worksheet sample page