Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Popular Books

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Reading Comprehension Guides


Quality ready-to-go reading comprehension guides (in printable PDF format) for many popular young adult titles. If you’re a teacher looking to save some time then check out our awesome workbooks for many popular titles.


What’s Inside Our Reading Guides?

Each of our guides contains dozens of reading comprehension worksheets with several comprehension and vocabulary questions for each chapter. We plan to start offering even more in upcoming versions. New editions of our guides are available for free to those who have purchased previous editions.

Currently, there are several sections in each guide.
1) Teacher’s Guide. (Questions, and answers in a compact format.)
2) Student’s Guide. (Questions in a compact format.)
3) Student Workbook. (Questions with blanks for students.)
4) Workbook Answer Key. (Answers for the Student Workbook.)
5) Key Questions Worksheet. (Extra questions covering the whole book.)
6) Key Questions Answer Key. (Answers to Key Questions worksheet.)
7) Blank multi-use worksheets. (For flexible use with the Student’s Guide.)

The primary section of each guide is the “Workbook” section. The workbook contains reading comprehension worksheets for each chapter with blank spaces where students can write their answers. We also include matching answer key for the workbook.

Take a look at our sample pages!


Section 1 - Teacher's GuideSection 2 - Student's GuideSection 3 - Student WorkbookSection 4 - Student Workbook Answer KeySection 5 - Key Questions WorksheetSection 6 - Key Questions Answer KeySection 7 - Blank Multi-use Worksheets
Several vocabulary words, and reading comprehension questions for each chapter. (Some guides include prediction questions.) Vocabulary words include page numbers and EDL grade level. Answers are included in the teacher guide.
Unlike the workbook, the “guide” doesn’t contain blank spaces for the student’s to write in the answers, but it contains all of the same content. We provide this additional version for flexibility as some teachers may not want blank spaces. Some teachers use these worksheets in conjunction with the blank multi-use worksheets also provided. This student’s guide matches the teacher’s guide.
The same comprehension, and vocabulary questions contained in the guide followed by blanks for students to provide answers. Comprehension and vocabulary questions include the page numbers where the answers can be located.

To make things easier we layed out the answers to match the student workbook exactly.


A brief worksheet providing ten questions covering key elements of the story with blanks provided for a student’s answers.


You guessed it, the answer key for the Key Questions worksheet. Answers are layed out exactly as they are in the key questions worksheet for easy grading.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets Divergent Key Questions Sample Page

Vocabulary worksheet with 10 blanks for definitions. Comprehension worksheet with 5 blanks for answers. Combined vocabulary and comprehension worksheet
Designed to be used with the vocabulary and comprehension questions in the student guide.

Comprehension Worksheet Sample Page
Vocabulary Worksheet Sampel Page
Vocabulary and Comprehension worksheet sample page